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Laughter Lines | Bastille

I’ll see you in the future when we’re older and we are full of stories to be told. Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll see you with your laughter lines.

I need to open up commissions to earn extra cash for my Spring semester—I’ll finally be moving out for school instead of commuting from home, but it’s going to drain a lot of cash and I’d like not to be completely broke for that.  

I’ll be opening up ten slots each month, so email me @ Avianblu@hotmail.com for a spot!

Other info: 

  • I only do Paypal transactions—half to start and the other half when the drawing is ready!
  • I only do transactions by e-mail, so don’t message me here!
  • I take you through the process—you give me the idea and pay the first half, I show you the sketch, you approve or let me know what needs to be changed, I finish, and then you pay the remaining half of the cost. 

    All prices are posted here! If you have any questions, please e-mail me and we’ll talk : ) If you have an inquery and just are wondering what it costs, I’ll let you know, don’t worry about commitment at that stage!

Looks like I’ll be in a Legend of Zelda cosplay group with a group of friends : ) It’s going to be a genderbent Zelda group, and I had to take Ganondorf!

But the question is, which Ganondorf design should I base my female version after? 

Either WindWaker, Ocarina of Time, or Twilight Princess Ganon?

Windwaker— I’d probably wear a dress and make the swords, and then have a cover for the dress with the same design as the robe. Also curly eyebrows and a long braided wig. It’d be more feminine than the other designs and the easiest (kinda)

Ocarina— Probably more tomboyish approach—short red hair and shorts, base it more after his desert background with a scarf and a lot of bandages and his gauntlets and boots, may or may not include his cape 

Twilght Princess— I’ll learn how to make armor, but like, lady armor > : ) Also get a long red wig and braid it, then put gold accents in as the crown, and of course that rad cape. Definitely the hardest one 

So feminine sword queen, desert queen, or battle armor queen geez ahh

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Trout Heart Replica
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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Trout Heart Replica

I think I need to open art commissions this semester

College, my car, medical bills, a new computer, and trying to move on with my life and get out of my parent’s home are going to be the death of me it looks like

I’ll make a price chart soon

You are the dawn of the new day that’s wakingA masterpiece still in the makingThe blue in an ocean of grey Don’t you dare try to hideLet your fears fade away

You are the dawn of the new day that’s waking

A masterpiece still in the making

The blue in an ocean of grey 

Don’t you dare try to hide

Let your fears fade away

Cosplays that I’d really like to do someday ;u; 

I doubt I’ll end up doing half of these but I love them all and would like to!

(Also maybe FemaleWindwaker!Ganondorf but I couldn’t find a picture for it, I’d have to design it : ) 

Debating getting a touchscreen laptop or a gaming laptop 

the gaming one is more expensive, but it also can easily process photoshop and notes for school, and has an i5 core 

the only up to getting a touchscreen is I could draw directly onto the screen, which would be cool, but I didn’t find any touchscreens that were THAT great at processing games  


I need one regardless but IDK 

Tomodachi Life 7/26/14




(If you were wondering it was me who asked, Kaylee replied, then Sienna, then Caper) > : I