Tomodachi Life 7/26/14




(If you were wondering it was me who asked, Kaylee replied, then Sienna, then Caper) > : I 


Tomodachi Life 7/24/14

Part 2/3

Malus, Ganondorf, Sasha, and I fought a giant gameboy and won 

Pretty sure it was because 3 out of the 4 of us could use healing magic but hey 

I got meet ups to go to all weekend which sounds fun but all I really want to do is try not to hurt myself again and just play Tomodachi Life 

Tomodachi Life 7/24/14 

part 1/3

The girls sit down for a nice coffee break and Caper wants to be cute. Caper and I are apparently not amused by Kaylee’s answer to this 

I can’t stop drawing gore and flowers it’s been weeks but it’s the only thing I feel like drawing lately 

All I am is who I could not mention See, my head aches from all this thinkingFeels like a shipGod knows I’m sinking 

All I am is who I could not mention 

See, my head aches from all this thinking
Feels like a ship

God knows I’m sinking 

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Can we just

Don’t ever say goodbye

Don’t ever say goodbye

So on my main blog I mentioned that I’ll be designing some Magical Boys cause gosh dang it where are they in that genre???
My good friend Badwolf and I were discussing that there are far too many terrible magical girl animes (Sailor Moon and Saint Tail being the only ones we like??) and ZERO magical boy ones

So here goes nothing guys time to make boys in short shorts and magic outfits go and save the world

Also we decided to give them a theme but that will be revealed soon enough!