Don’t ever say goodbye

Don’t ever say goodbye

So on my main blog I mentioned that I’ll be designing some Magical Boys cause gosh dang it where are they in that genre???
My good friend Badwolf and I were discussing that there are far too many terrible magical girl animes (Sailor Moon and Saint Tail being the only ones we like??) and ZERO magical boy ones

So here goes nothing guys time to make boys in short shorts and magic outfits go and save the world

Also we decided to give them a theme but that will be revealed soon enough!

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games

Day 26 - Best voice acting

Bioshock series (Xbox 360)

These games are on another level, for a lot of reasons. The graphics are beautiful and thought-provoking, the characters are relatable and interesting, the gameplay is top-notch—but this is about the voices, and WOW does this game set the bar.

To talk about the first two Bioshock titles, which are set in the 1960s, have that tone set so well in that time period that you are sucked into the world—and the one thing that ties it down so well are the voices—the characters around you, the recodings you find scattered around the world, the enemies—they all contribute to this world and time period pretty much flawlessly. It’s hard to explain, but the inflection they give EACH and EVERY line is so sincere that sometimes you forget your listening to a game character and not a real person. They sound so full of life and real. Couple that with the eerie but beautiful 1960s music in the background and the atmosphere is already there.

Bioshock Infinite is just as good, but this time set in the turn of the 20th century. Again, this game does not dissapoint. Even though both games are set in fictional places, they stay true to issues of the time and manners of speaking in the voices of the characters. I literally spent an hour of the beginning of Infinte just walking around enjoying the veiw and listening to the people talk about whatever they wanted to say—it didn’t matter, I was genuinly interested in how real these people were. They were just so genuine which just amazes me—how many game nowadays do you just get thrown into the action of a game guns blazing and not caring about what’s around you? Too many.

Bioshock wants you to feel something and Bioshock delivers that through an atmosphere with rich voice acting that just can’t be topped.

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games

Day 25 - A game you plan on playing

Chromophore (Nintendo WiiU)

I watched the E3 trailer and I was in love. So I watched it ten more times.
Not just for the song (which is stunning), but for the emotional visuals. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for classic RPG pixel art, but this modern take on an old concept blew me away by adding onto the classic feel with beautiful graphics and a heartwrenching concept—two brothers facing life and death and learning from it.

I don’t know much about this game except that it’s a remaaster of a game and the concept above, but I urge you to watch the trailer. It certainly looks like it’ll be well worth it to experience this game.

Oh no now I want to do a Professor Layton cosplay sometime and I can’t choose between Emmy or Luke

Cute hardcore adventurer chick or cute little apprentice boy

Woe is me

But for sure I’m going to work on a Punk!Sailor Neptune cosplay. It’s going to be awesome.

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games

Day 24 - Favorite classic game

Lode Runner (CD ROM)

I felt like this was a loaded question. Classic in the popular sense, “old” classic, or just old game? So I took this one as “a game that has a very simple concept and design that I played often as a child and still influences me and other games today.”

That game is “Lode Runner”

Now here me out—Yes this game looks boring and simple, but I spent well over several hours on this game as a child, days on end. The concept is that you choose a background area (and well drawn background even by today’s standards, I might add), then you build the stage yourself! Everything. The blocks, the ladders, the teleports, the items, the traps, how many bad guys, etc.

Then you press play and let the fun begin! The bad guys go after you and you use what you set down to trick them into several situations—if you didn’t build your game well enough they can catch you easily and you lose.

I spent so much time on this I think because of the fact that my choices influenced the way the entire game was. To me that was really cool, and trying hundreds of different techniques to outsmart the games enemies is still a really cool idea to me and I wish more game were like that.

Lode Runner doesn’t look like much but sit down with this thing and even today it’s hours of interesting and thoughtprovoking fun

My lovely followers, if my rant about Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts didn’t make any sense I suggest you watch this review by Jontron

Basically what I’m trying to say in a nutshell

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games

Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style

Okami (for the Wii)

You see those pictures? Those aren’t concept art, those are screenshots.

See what I mean?

Okami is so stylized it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to emulate the beauty of this game without going over board, Okami is a moving painting and it’s gorgeous to witness. Speaking of painting, that’s what this game is about! So it’s only appopriate and that much cooler that this game looks like someone painted every scene and character with care and dedication.

as the Goddess of the Sun in the form of a wolf, you use your celestial brush to deal damage to enemies, draw in things in the enviroment to solve puzzles, and other amazing things. You are an artist in a game full to the brim with artistic genius. To top it off, the story and characters are very enjoyable and only make the experience that much better. The story can be dark at times, but also light hearted, and the art in the game shows that very well by beautiful but subtle visual cues.

Okami is a beautiful experience and everyone should try it out for the sake of saying you played one of the most beautiful games ever made.

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games

Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (Xbox 360)

I barely want to grace this game with commentary, but let me explain why this game is so awful and sad to look at.

Banjo and Kazooie is one of my favoirte games, it’s sequel, Banjo Tooie, was just as incredible! The music, the story, the adventure, the puzzle solving, THE CHARACTERS above all. Rare had a lot going for them at the time and these games were an awesome experience.

Then Microsoft happened. I had no original grypes with Microsoft before this, I like to give everyone a chance. The graphics looked decent (if not odd) and ever since the end of the second game, where IN GAME we were promised “Banjo-Threeie”, I have been stoked for this third installment ever since. The fact that it’s name was changed bothered me a BIT, since in game it was called something else, but I let it slide because HECK ANOTHER BANJO GAME AHH

I was so excited, FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. This game has been promised and it got cancelled OVER AND OVER and finally we were going to get the third game!!! Awesome right?


Even if they didn’t have the characters I know and love plastered onto it with terribly blocky design choices, this game would still be one of the worst I’ve ever played. for one, speaking of the characters I love, they completely derail they’re personalities into unlikable douchbags. No one is redeamable here, not even Mumbo Jumbo, who yes in previous titles wasn’t the brightest, but he wasn’t a 2D undeveloped idiot like in this game. Kazooie is a sassy and tomboyish bird who gets Banjo into trouble by saying rude things but she always came across as funny and brave, in this game she’s an annoying sidekick who even though managing to talk much less than the original Kazooie, still is completely unlikeable as a character. Banjo isn’t any better—where he used to be a humble but not-so bright bear, here he’s more or less a waddling sack of “who even cares about this protag”.

Setting characters aside for a second even though I could go on, even if you like the game, and granted I can’t change you r mind if you do, you cannot deny to me that this game is empty and lifeless. There are LITERALLY worlds in this game that are broken and empty and void of life. I walked around the island world for hours tipping over cows or knocking down trees and that was it, there’s really nothing else to do IT’S EMPTY. The missions were boring and frustrating considering the driving mechanic is crap. The only world I SEMI enjoyed was the museum world, but even THEN it was depresing cause the entire world was a tribute to the bosses and worlds of the other games, and they were presented in such a way that it felt like Microsoft was saying “Out with the old in with the new! even though they were far cooler than this game we don’t care here’s lifeless statues of the things you cared about” It’s an open world that is unfinished and void of any sort of creativity.

I’m embarassed FOR Microsoft for realeasing this game in that state. You can enjoy making a cart and talking to a random TV headed guy about nothing (even though that has nothing to do with the Banjo Kazooie universe at all?????), but as a Banjo Kazooie game it’s complete garbage, even as a stand-alone game it isn’t much at all.

The weirdest part is I know it’s a platnium hit on the 360, so hey, if you like it—LIKE IT I CANNOT STOP YOU.
But for me, this game is steaming a pile of broken hopes.

Alto’s 30 Days of Video Games 

Day 21 - Game with the best story

Mother 3 (Gameboy Advance)

This game. 

I had mentioned before that games that are heavily story-based RPGS are my favorites. This is the peak of that crop, Mother 3. 

It’s predecessors, Mother 1 and Earthbound, also deserve quite of bit of praise, thier stories are also heartfelt and incredibly written, but to me Mother 3 is the best in story telling. 

Mother 3 is the story of a simple family—a quiet and kind father, a sassy but sweet mother, a rambunctious older twin, the soft-hearted younger twin, and their faithful dog. The story follows this family’s heartache and joy, and the journey of the younger twin, Lucas, and a band of unlikely friends, who are tasked in saving the world and saving their family and community from greed and destruction. I’ve never seen a game be so true to emotion before this one. 

Without spoiling anything, because I sincerely hope if you haven’t played Mother 3 that you do RIGHT AWAY, this game grabs you by the heart and through it you as the player refuse to let it let you go. The dialogue is funny ( often punny!), existential, heartwarming, silly, thought-provoking. The characters are placed in front of you in such a way that you as the player has to decide for yourself how you feel about them and how you feel about their decisions. This game will never tell you what’s right and what’s wrong right out, it just presents certain concepts and you have to decide for yourself how you feel, because it won’t sway you. It’s like your more like a spectator. 

There is so much more to say, but since this is for “best story”, I’ll leave it at that. 

Mother 3 is tied for my favorite game of all time, but only one could get that spot, and really nothing else deserved this spot except this game, so for my all-time favorite stay tuned til the end.